Security in the app: Pay carefree

Safety is our top priority: Both our mobile application as well as all internal systems work to the highest safety standards to protect against loss, destruction or unauthorized access to your data.

Customer data is and will remain customer data: we will never grant merchants access to your personal account information.

Maximum safety with prepaid: The cashcloud mobile Wallet is based on the prepaid principle. Thus, our customers have their outgoings always in view. You can always spend only as much money as is actually on the Wallet.

Lock immediately in emergency: If your smartphone is lost or stolen you can log online into your cashcloud mobile Wallet immediately and lock it.

Security in the app: Pay carefree

Safer than credit cards

With cashcloud you've got your payment instrument (your smartphone) always in your own hands, which is not, for example, often the case with a credit card. Each payment is done only by you personally, which protects your data against fraud and negligent use.

Protected with personal mobile Wallet PIN

For each transaction, you must enter your personal Wallet PIN, which offers you the maximum level of security and reassurance.


You have full control over your account activity anywhere, anytime because you can always check this online or via your smartphone.

Double PIN protection

You may want to protect access to your phone with a PIN. Thus your cashcloud mobile Wallet app is double protected. Firstly, through your personal Wallet PIN and by your smartphone PIN.

NFC-Sticker - Security

Again, we rely on prepaid:

Your NFC sticker is also based on a prepaid account. So you can only spend as much as you have previously loaded onto the sticker.

4 cm make the difference:

To pay by contactless Tap&Go, you have to hold your smartphone up to 4 cm from the payment terminal, unintentional operations can be easily avoided. Several payment processes within a very short period of time are also prevented and if a second NFC sticker is in range of the terminal, the payment is automatically cancelled.

And it's even more secure:

All transactions with a value above 25€ have to be authorised either by entering your NFC sticker PIN or with your signature.


Your electronic money account is issued by PPRO Financial Ltd, which is regulated and authorized by the FCA (UK Financial Conduct Authority) as an electronic money institution under registration number 900029.

The money in your cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard® PayPass™ NFC sticker is managed by PPRO Financial Ltd. which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK.

For hosting our systems, we have chosen a hosting provider, working with renowned companies in the IT and finance industry for many years. Thus, we can ensure that the data is kept on a secure physical and electronic infrastructure.

If you have any further questions on the safety of cashcloud or you may have noticed an unusual or suspicious transaction in your Wallet, then please contact our customer service department immediately under We will help you as soon as possible.

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