Order now your cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard® contactless NFC sticker and live a completely new payment experience.
Pay easily with your smartphone!

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The all-in-one payment system for your mobile phone

Pay with your NFC sticker contactless in more than 280,000 stores in the United Kingdom and more than one Million stores worldwide.

You can also use the card number of your MasterCard® contactless NFC sticker as virtual MasterCard® for your online purchases and thus pay worldwide in millions of online stores that accept MasterCard®.

Contactless payment is accepted worldwide at all types of merchants including retail, fast-food restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and many more.

NFC Sticker - All In One


1. Register and download app

Download the mobile cashcloud mobile Wallet.

Register for your cashcloud mobile Wallet. With successful registration you already have a Freemium account.

2. Load your account

Now you can load your eMoney account.

3. Order NFC sticker

Once your eMoney account is loaded you can order a NFC sticker under „Cards" / "Order contactless sticker“.

Your cashcloud NFC sticker will be delivered to you within a week by post.

4. Pay contactless

As soon as you receive the cashcloud NFC sticker you should stick it on the back of your smartphone or on your smartphone protective case, load it, activate and start your new payment experience.

For security reasons the cashcloud NFC sticker is based on a prepaid account and must be charged before use. However, this is quite simple and is transmitted in real time from your mobile cashcloud wallet account to your NFC sticker account.

You're never too young for cashcloud!

You can order the cashcloud NFC sticker even if you are under 18.

During the ordering process of the cashcloud NFC sticker you will be asked to provide the e-mail address of a parent.

This parent will receive an e-mail in which he is asked to approve the order.

Once we receive the approval for the NFC sticker order, your cashcloud NFC sticker will be sent to you by post.

Never Too Young

Because of youth protection reasons it is not possible to use the goods or services with the "Teen Sticker" in stores that offer the following products/services categories: Products from the "not free youth" include gambling, drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Simply pay by Tap & Go

The contactless payment at the shopping terminal is fast, safe and simple.

You can pay contactless with your cashcloud NFC sticker in stores that have a MasterCard® PayPass™ terminal.

Pay holding your phone up to 4cm away from the terminal and you are done!

For amounts over 25€ the security will increase and you have to authorize either by entering your NFC sticker PIN or with your signature.

Pay Per Tap And Go

You have total control anywhere and anytime over your outgoings and other account activity, because you can always check this online or in your smartphone.

NFC Sticker

Download the app, register now for free, top up your cashcloud eMoney account and order your NFC sticker!

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