Luxembourg 27.07.2016
Cashcloud CEO Hunzinger to recent study by Nielsen: "Working mothers love mobile payment"

Under the title "mothers demonstrate it first" GS1 Germany published the results of a recent Nielsen study on mobile payment earlier this week. The surprising result: particularly wealthy, working mothers in their early 40s engage currently in Germany on mobile payment systems. Because it perfectly fits with the lifestyle of modern "family managers" who are shopping and traveling a lot and have a very obvious use of the smartphone. This result allows to question the original hypothesis that the typical mobile payment user is male, unmarried and in his mid-20s. For the representative study more than 1,000 German smartphone users were surveyed by the market research institute Nielsen.

Cashcloud CEO Prof. Moritz Hunzinger: "The results of the study show particularly one thing: We must not think in one-dimension in mobile payments. It is not a niche product for a handful of techies. Mobile payment is on its way to become mainstream in the society and will be as normal as online shopping at Amazon in a few years. Allround-payment solutions such as Cashcloud will be taking the lead."

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