Luxembourg 22.09.2016
“The future of payment” - Cashcloud shares knowledge about Mobile Payment with Luxembourgish banks

How will we pay in the future? Which outcomes and what changes will occur with the digitalisation of the banking system?

The event “Payments in the Realm of New Technologies” organised by the ABBL-Association of banks in Luxembourg, aims to shed some light on the questions above. The ABBL advocates the interests of the banks in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 1993. The event aims to educate and inform financial institutions, about the digitalisation of payments and upcoming trends. Mobile Payment expert, Gordana Adolf, from the Luxembourgian FinTech Company Cashcloud will outline the importance of mobile payments for banks and explain the advantages. Gordana Adolf: “Major financial institutions start to have an interest in mobile payment options and solutions, which we are very happy to see. The future of payments is mobile and banks need to follow this trend.” The digital Wallet Cashcloud allows to make quick and easy payments with your mobile phone and is already an All-In-One solution in many european countries.

Cashcloud-CEO Moritz Hunzinger: ”Mobile payment has become more and more significant over the last few years and judging by the current trends will continue to evolve in this direction.”

The event will start at 2.30 pm in the Luxembourgish Chamber of Commerce and is reserved for ABBL-members exclusively.

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