Luxembourg 09.05.2017
Cashcloud cooperates with the leading cashback provider “Relevant Rewarding”

The cooperation is live in France and the Netherlands The mobile payment company Cashcloud built a complete system of value-added services in its mobile Wallet app. Cashcloud offers a Cashback program amongst other services. When customers use the offers in the app, they receive a discount which is paid out to their Cashcloud wallet in the form of ‘Cashback’. The money is available for the next purchase. The main advantage is the flexibility, as the user can see the amount in the app which is paid out directly and not linked to any condition.

Cashcloud cooperates with the leading provider of Cashback services “Relevant Rewarding” based in the Netherlands (part of Orangebuddies). Cashcloud customers in France and the Netherlands already benefit from those advantages. “Relevant Rewarding” is active in 16 European markets while Cashcloud is available in all 20 Euro-currency countries. Since both companies serve mostly common markets we plan to extend the cooperation in 2017”, says Cashcloud’s CEO, Prof. Moritz Hunzinger. Cashcloud’s mobile wallet is therefore not only the most complete, easy and fast way to proceed payments, customers can even save and earn money by using it.

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