Luxembourg 03.08.2016
mpass gives up / Cashcloud CEO Hunzinger: "Only quality will prevail"

Telefónica gives up mpass: The mobile giant closes the failed payment service, which was introduced in 2008 with great marketing efforts. From October this year, no more payments are possible. Thus mpass joins as a further unsuccessful payment solution like FLASHiZ or Yapital. For Cashcloud CEO Hunzinger the failure of mpass is no surprise: "Who does not have a long staying power, has no chance of success. Especially in Germany it is not easy for mobile payment providers: The retailers are discouraged in many parts, the users are reluctant. But mobile payment solutions will prevail in this country same as in the rest of the world. It is important to convince with innovative product solutions! "

Hunzinger continues: "Telefonica, O2, and in the meantime Telekom – mpass had renowned support and anyhow failed. The decisive factor for success in the market are not big names but compelling products. Therefore, we are also happy to compete with Apple, Samsung and Co. - Cashcloud has the best payment solution on the market and only quality prevails!”

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