Luxembourg 28.07.2016
Cashcloud CEO Hunzinger: "Apple's problems are homemade!"

Another blow for Apple: As announced on Tuesday by the technology company, turnover and sales have decreased in the second quarter 2016 massively. The net income decreased from April to June by 27 percent and sales by 14.6 percent. The main reason is the decline in sales of the iPhone, from which the group result is highly dependent. Cashcloud CEO Prof. Moritz Hunzinger sees himself confirmed: "Apple follows with the consistent attempt to monopolize the wrong strategy - and now gets the result for it. Because such an approach is neither contemporary nor customer-friendly."

Hunzinger continues: "The fact that Apple's problems are homemade, shows among other things, the example ApplePay: Reduced to open and to allow other mobile payment providers the access to the iPhone, Apple locks it consistently." This can be observed even among others in Switzerland where the provider TWINT and Paymit fight for a use of Apple's NFC chip.

"With such an attitude Apple hinders the further spread of mobile payment, from which they would benefit themselves. Also ApplePay only works on Apple devices and thus excludes, among other things, the much larger group of Samsung users. Cashcloud follows a more universal approach and is available on all iOS and Android phones, "says Moritz Hunzinger.

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