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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is cashcloud?

Cashcloud is an electronic wallet application that turns your smartphone into your wallet. This application allows you to send and receive money from your friends in real time – as easy as writing an SMS or WhatsApp message. The mobile wallet is complemented with a prepaid MasterCard® and an NFC sticker issued by PPRO Financial Limited under the license of MasterCard International Inc. MasterCard and the MasterCard Symbol are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. You can also benefit from special offers, coupons and deals directly on your smartphone. By downloading the Cashcloud app you will start a complete new payment experience – Cashcloud- anywhere and anytime.

Where can I pay with cashcloud?

If you own one of our MasterCard® products you can pay worldwide wherever MasterCard® is accepted – contactless with your Cashcloud NFC sticker or with your Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard®. Sending money to your friends is another function available in your application – it is as easy as sending an SMS or a WhatsApp Message.

In which countries is cashcloud available?

The Cashcloud mobile wallet is now fully functional in 23 European countries, and we are constantly working to expand our service. Check the list of the available countries on our website.

What are the supported OS and browsers?

You can access Cashcloud via Windows, Mac, Linux computer, or smartphone. To use the full services of the Cashcloud mobile wallet app you need to download first the application on your smartphone. Cashcloud is available on Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store.

Please be aware that, for the moment, the Cashcloud application is available for smartphones with Apple iOS (8.0 is the oldest supported version) or Google Android (4.0.3 is the oldest supported version). Cashcloud supports the current and previous major versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If you encounter issues while using a supported browser, please contact us at Customer Support Team.

Who can use cashcloud? Is there an age limit for registration?

Everybody above 18 years old can open their own Cashcloud account. For minors between 14 and 18 years old, only parents can create sub-accounts directly from their Cashcloud mobile app, by using the “Add sub-account” function. Please remember that there are some limitations associated with a sub-account.

Cashcloud has changed e-money provider. What happens to my balance?

Cashcloud has changed e-money provider. The new Issuer of the e-money account is PPRO Financial Ltd, with a registered office at 23 Hanover Square, London W1S 1JB. If you would like to remain a Cashcloud user, we invite you to upgrade the app and accept our new Terms & Conditions, which become effective once the update is completed. You have the possibility to reject the Terms & Conditions within the app. Your remaining positive balance can be paid out by, either Ingenico Financial Solution SA or by Cashcloud. Please also note that the Cashcredits you have collected will not be paid out and can only be retrieved through the upgrade.

Effective as from 30 April 2017, you will not be entitled to use the Ingenico Financial Solutions SA services anymore, since Ingenico Financial Solutions SA hereby notifies you about its decision to terminate the contract concluded with you, such termination being effective as from 30 April 2017, following the termination of the partnership concluded between Ingenico Financial Solutions SA and Cashcloud. Effective as from such date, Ingenico Financial Solutions SA will close your account.

In case the balance sitting on your account is positive, we invite you to get in contact with Ingenico Financial Solutions SA, either by:

  • Letter sent to: Boulevarde la Woluwe 102, 1200 Brussels (Belgium)
  • e-mail:
  • Phone during working hours: +32(0) 2 318 01 10
  • Alternatively, you can also contact our customer service via email on to request a pay-out.


    How do I register to Cashcloud?

    Open the application and enter the email address you want to register with. Then complete the required fields, accept the Terms and Conditions and select “Register”. Please note that the mobile phone number you are using has to be from your country of residence. An SMS verification code will be sent to this number, which you have to enter in order to complete the registration. This SMS verification method adds extra protection and security to your eMoney account.

    I have forgotten my cashcloud password/PIN. What should I do?

    You can reset your password and mobile wallet PIN anytime within your Cashcloud app.

    Reset password: Go to the Log in screen, tap on “Forgot password” and follow the steps. You will receive an email with instructions.

    Reset PIN: Tap on “Forgot PIN” from the “Enter PIN” screen. You will have to log in again using your email and password and follow the steps.

    When entering your PIN and password, please make sure that the Caps Lock tab is not active and that there are no spaces before or after it.

    The SMS verification code is not working / The verification failed. What can I do?

    If you did not receive the SMS verification code or if you encounter an error, please make sure that you enter your phone number without the initial “0” after the country code (e.g. +49 15114040269) and try again. If it still doesn’t work, contact our Customer Support Team at Please note that the phone number you are using for registration needs to be from your country of residence.

    How can I change my phone number in my Cashcloud account?

    In order to change your phone number please contact our Customer Support Team at After we deactivate your confirmed phone number, you will be able to enter the new one at your next login on the mobile app. You will be sent a new SMS verification code to confirm the related account.


    What are the fees for having a Cashcloud account?

    There are no fees applied for registration and simple use of Cashcloud mobile wallet. In addition, there are no monthly or annual fees applied for standard use and services. Fees may apply for advanced services, please check the available list here.

    What are the fees for having a Cashcloud MasterCard® product?

    The first MasterCard® product you order is free of charge. You just need to have a mobile wallet balance of 10 EUR but no fees will be deducted. If you already have a Cashcloud MasterCard® product, the ordering fees for the second one are: 10 EUR for the Prepaid MasterCard® and 5 EUR for the NFC Sticker. For the second year of usage a fee of 10 EUR for the Prepaid Mastercard and 5 EUR for the NFC sticker will be automatically deducted from your Cashcloud mobile wallet account. For more information, please check our Fees page here.

    What are the transaction fees?

    For money transfers between private users there are no fees involved. Please note that transactions can be made only between accounts having the same currency. Withdraw and unload transactions may incur additional fees, as well as international transactions with your MasterCard® product. A detailed list can be found here.


    Do I have a usage limit?

    The usage limit is determined by your eMoney account type. If you want to have a higher usage limit simply upgrade your eMoney account. You can find further information within the app in the More section – Upgrade.

    How can I upgrade my account to Freemium+?

    You can upgrade your account from Freemium to Freemium+ by simply logging in to your current account and selecting the option “Upgrade” from the “More” (the button with 3 lines) section. During the upgrade process you will be asked to provide your bank account details.

    Please note that it is not possible to downgrade your account afterwards.

    How can I upgrade my account to Premium?

    Please log in to your Cashcloud application, open the "More" section (the button with 3 lines) and choose "Upgrade" - "Upgrade to Premium". Then simply follow the steps and upload the required documents on your web account.

    Please note that it is not possible to downgrade your account afterwards.

    How can I change the bank details in the app?

    Please contact our Customer Support Team at to change them for you, providing bank statements for both old and new bank accounts. These have to contain IBAN, BIC and name of the account owner.

    How can I delete my cashcloud account?

    In order to delete your cashcloud account, you need to contact our customer service at Please note that once your account is deleted, you will not be able to use the same phone number and email address to register again. In addition, you will no longer have access to your transactions list and will no longer be able to use your Cashcloud MasterCard® products.


    How do I load my account?

    You can load your eMoney account using the following methods:

    - bank transfer (your 9-digit ID will be required, available only for EUR currency)

    - credit card (can be performed directly in the app, available for all currencies)

    - Paysafecard (can be performed directly in the app, available for all currencies)

    - by receiving money from friends or family (only money transfers between accounts in the same currency)

    This information is also available in your Cashcloud application in the Load menu.

    I have loaded up my Cashcloud mobile wallet via bank transfer but the money has not been added to my account. Where is my money

    Bank transfers can take up to 5 working days, depending on the bank the payment is made from. It would be great if you could make sure that the IBAN, BIC and the remark of the transfer (your 9-digit ID) were correctly indicated in the payment details. In case you have forgotten to enter the remark, we will assign the money manually, in case it hasn’t yet been sent back to your bank account. In order to solve the issue, please contact our Customer Support Team and provide us with the payment proof.

    How do I send money?

    To send money just click the “eMoney Balance” button and then from the displayed menu select “Send”. Another option is to click on the “envelope symbol” to open the “Activities” section and here you can click on the > symbol in the right upper corner to open the send money frame. You just have to type the name, e-mail address or phone number of the person you want to send money to, enter the amount and a comment for the transaction. If the amount falls within the limitations of your subscription and you have enough money available within your mobile wallet account the transaction will be completed.”

    Send money transfers are possible with anyone who is a Cashcloud user.

    Please note that transactions are possible only between accounts with the same currency.

    How can I transfer money from my Cashcloud account to my bank account?

    In order to do this, please use the "Withdraw" option available on the mobile wallet balance screen of the Cashcloud application. You must have at least a Freemium+ subscription to perform this action. Please note that you can only transfer money to your bank account once per day.

    What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    You just have to make sure you have sufficient balance. For Freemium+ and Premium minimum balance is 1,99 €. Please note that banks in some countries may not allow low withdrawal amounts.

    How can I check my balance?

    Please log in to your Cashcloud app and check the amount displayed on “eMoney Balance” on the dashboard.

    Where can I see my transactions?

    You can check your eMoney transactions in your Cashcloud app, by tapping on “eMoney Balance” on the dashboard.

    Transactions performed with your MasterCard® product can be checked by tapping on the MasterCard® product box on your dashboard.


    What are cashcredits?

    This is our own virtual currency which you can use to purchase goods and services at our partners (when available) or to swap into real money in your cashcloud mobile wallet.

    Why I cannot swap cashcredits?

    You need a minimum of 500 cashcredits to swap them into real money within your Cashcloud mobile wallet. Please be aware that you can swap a maximum of 2000 cashcredits per month.


    How old do I have to be to order a MasterCard® product?

    You have to be at least 18 years old to order a MasterCard® product. For minors between 14 and 18 years old, we offer the Teen NFC Sticker, which can only be ordered only with parental consent.

    How can I order a Cashcloud MasterCard® product?

    - Download the Cashcloud app, register for free and add a minimum of 10 EUR to your eMoney account. We will not charge the 10 EUR, you can spend this money later with your MasterCard® product. The 10 EUR credit is just a requirement for ordering a MasterCard® product with no fees for the first year of use. Once your eMoney account is loaded with 10 EUR:

    - Tap on the “+” button on your dashboard and choose the desired product.

    - Fill in your data and confirm your order.

    - You will receive your MasterCard® product within a few days.

    Can I change my MasterCard® products PIN?

    No, it is issued by MasterCard® together with the creation of your card. You can view your MasterCard® product PIN in your cashcloud app by tapping on the MasterCard® product on Dashboard, then press on "+" and “Request PIN” option and a pop up with the PIN is shown.

    How can I activate my MasterCard® product?

    After you have received your MasterCard® product, please tap on the product box on the dashboard of your Cashcloud app. Tap on “Activate”, type in your CVC2 code and your MasterCard® product will be ready for use. You can find the CVC2 code in the letter you received together with your MasterCard® product or in the app by tapping on the product box and then on Virtual Card.

    Do I need the PIN of my MasterCard® product to make purchases?

    For purchases with your Prepaid MasterCard®, you will always be required to enter your PIN.

    For purchases with your NFC sticker you will only need the PIN for payments higher than the amount limit set in specific regions.

    Where can I find the PIN for my MasterCard® product?

    Tap on the MasterCard product box on the dashboard, then click on “Request PIN”.

    I didn't receive my MasterCard® product. What can I do?

    The delivery in Germany takes between 2-3 working days and elsewhere in Europe it may take up to 6-14 days In case you don't receive your MasterCard® product after this period, please send an email to our Customer Support Team at and provide the shipping address you indicated during the order process.

    Where can I withdraw cash?

    You can withdraw cash using your Prepaid MasterCard® from any cash machine (ATM) that displays the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark. Fees will apply for this transaction. For more information about the fees please check ourFees page.

    Can I use my MasterCard® product for online shopping?

    Yes. When completing your online transaction, select MasterCard® as the payment option. For your Prepaid card all the required information are is to be found on the card. For the NFC Sticker, you can find all this information in your Cashcloud App, by clicking on the NFC Sticker box on the Dashboard and then on “Virtual Card”.

    How can I unblock my Prepaid MasterCard®?

    To have your Prepaid MasterCard® unblocked please contact our Customer Support Team at:

    How do I replace my broken or damaged MasterCard® product?

    If your MasterCard® product is broken, faded or blurred, you can order a replacement from your Cashcloud app. First you need to contact Customer Support to cancel your initial card, or you can declare it lost or stolen from the Cashcloud app. Then go to the dashboard, tap on the "+" button, select the desired product and follow the steps. For more information about the fees applied please check Fees page.

    My MasterCard® product expires soon – when will I get a new one?

    After your MasterCard ® product expires you can order a replacement using your Cashcloud App. Just tap on the "+" button on the Dashboard, select the desired product and follow the steps. For more information about the fees applied, please check the Fees page.

    What should I do if my MasterCard® product has been lost or stolen?

    If your MasterCard® product has been lost or stolen you have to declare it immediately using the "Lost/Stolen" function from MasterCard® transactions list, in your Cashcloud app. You will have to enter the CVC2 code that you can find in the letter you received with the product, or in the app in the "Virtual Card" section. Follow the steps and your MasterCard® product will be deactivated.

    If you are not able to do this please contact our Customer Support Team at: For automatic card blocking, please call 00 352 27 860 679. After your MasterCard® product is inactive you can order a replacement using your Cashcloud App.

    How do I cancel my MasterCard ® product?

    If you want to cancel your card for any reason please contact our Customer Support Team at:


    What kind of deals and coupons do I get from cashcloud?

    We bring special coupons and offers from our partners directly to your Cashcloud mobile wallet, which include special discounts and advantages. You can save money with coupons from local merchants and online shops. You can find the list of available coupons in the “Earn Money” section under “Coupons.” Please note that location services on your device must be switched on.

    Is it possible to save a coupon and redeem it later?

    Yes, you can save a coupon by tapping on the „Bookmark“ button. You can check the list of your bookmarked coupons anytime by tapping on the star symbol on the upper right corner in the “Earn money/ Coupons” menu.

    How long does it take for checking my receipt and receiving the cash in my Cashcloud account when I use a cashback coupon?

    After scanning and uploading your receipt it is sent to our partner for validation. Please check your redeemed coupons in 48 hours.

    How can I transfer the money from cashback coupons to my Cashcloud mobile wallet?

    Once you have collected (at least) 5 EUR from discounts, you can request to transfer the money to your Cashcloud mobile wallet account by clicking the „Payout“ button. You can check your current balance under „Financial“ menu.

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