Cashcloud payment API's are RESTful, based on https requests and responses, making them platform and OS independent, as most modern programming languages can handle communication via http protocol. Data communication is in JSON key-value pairs format.

How it works

Compared with other payment methods where the customer initiates the transaction, with Cashcloud’s APIs, the merchant initiates a request of money from the customer’s e-wallet account. Through their Cashcloud app the customer can check, approve or deny the request. With this method the merchant, instead of rendering a secure page for payment, just needs to send a request to the Cashcloud environment.

Fees and Specifications

Corporate Corporate+
Receive money < 1 € free free
Receive money > 1 € 1,5 % + 0,20 € 1,0 % + 0,15 €
Withdraw money to SEPA account 2 € 2 €
Request money free free
Send money to private user 0,25 € 0,25 €
Send money to Corporate or Corporate+ user 0,50 € 0,50 €
Deposit money via bank transfer free free
Upgrade to Corporate+ free -
Number of top ups per day 3 5
Top Up limit per year 2.500 € unlimited
Maximum withdrawal amount per year 1.000 € unlimited
Maximum number of purchases per day 3 unlimited
Maximum number of transactions per day 5 unlimited
Maximum amount per transaction 200 € unlimited
Number of withdrawals per day 1 1
Maximum withdrawal amount per transaction 1.000 € unlimited
Minimum amount per transaction 0,20 € 0,20 €
Send and request money yes yes
Swap cashcredits into money yes yes
Overview account balance and transactions in real time yes yes
Communication via API - yes
Input of customer data in bulk - yes
Sign up free free
Account management fees free free

Integration Center

How to start integration

To register a corporate account (shop owner) please fill out the form or send us a mail at: sales@cashcloud.com.

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The cashcloud payment API and process incorporates strong security to minimize fraud risk:

  • Customer authorization is done in an environment separated from the merchant site – the cashcloud application. This application is protected by login and the transaction authorization is protected with your PIN. The e-commerce site does not need to render any page from the cashcloud server, there is no risk that an external site can be manipulated.
  • There is no predefined API key distributed by cashcloud. Instead, the merchant has to request a salt from cashcloud server and build an encrypted authorization token at the backend system. The authorization token can be re-evaluated at any time.
  • The call-back URL for the user action can be sent only through the API, using the authorization token.
  • The call-back response contains a hashed control parameter built from merchant specific data that can be checked at the e-commerce site backend system.
  • Status of the transaction can be double-checked through specific API calls.
  • Check our API Reference for more details on authorization token and call-back.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Corporate account?

Corporate accounts are designed for business partners to receive payments from customers who choose Cashcloud as a payment method. A corporate account has special features including high transaction volume. It is linked to an e-money account at PPRO Financial Ltd in EURO.

How can I sign up with Cashcloud for a corporate account?

Please visit the website www.cashcloud.com, go to 'Register' and choose the option 'Register as Corporate'. You will need to provide information about the company, directors, bank account IBAN and Swift/BIC to complete the registartion process. The information provided must be accurate and complete. Cashcloud reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Cashcloud Corporate account if the information provided is inaccurate, untrue, or incomplete or the registration requirements were not fulfilled.

Why are the company details required?

The company details are required for the identification of the company strictly for regulatory reasons. It is also necessary to provide the company details in order to benefit from a Corporate account which is designed only for companies. The protection of private data and confidentiality are a priority for cashcloud!

What is the difference between Corporate and Corporate+?

The main difference between Corporate and Corporate+ users refers to account limitations. A Corporate+ user has higher amount limits and more benefits. To become a Corporate+ user it is necessary to provide documents, to prove the company's existence as well as possibly provide additional information about the company, directors and ownership.

What documents I have to provide to register for a Corporate+ account?

The required documents for a Corporate+ account depend on the nature of your company. In most cases we will require the following documents: Trade Register Extract, Business Registration, Bank Statement, Official ID cards of directors/owners and/or beneficial owner, proof of address of directors/owners and/or beneficial owner if the official ID card doesn't specify it. In case Cashcloud considers that the documents provided are not sufficient a Customer Service Agent will contact you and request further information.

Why are the corporate bank account details required?

The corporate bank account details are required in order to link your Cashcloud Wallet to the company's bank account. All the payments you receive from your customers will be paid to your Cashcloud PPRO Financial Ltd e-money account; you can transfer the balance from your Cashcloud e-money account to your company's bank account. The corporate bank account details are also essential to enable the top-up function in the Cashcloud account.

Which corporates already work with Cashcloud?

We are already working with some well known companies in the field of micro payments, gaming, mobile network and digital content. Cashcloud is also currently negotiating with successful start-ups in Germany, Spain, France and Netherlands.

How does Cashcloud manage refunds and chargebacks to avoid fraud?

Cashcloud payments are done in REAL TIME without any charge back. Cashcloud is a prepaid wallet and the end user is asked to confirm the payment with a PIN. Refunds (partial or full refund^s) are executed through the back-end retail system of the merchant.

Where can I see all my Cashcloud transactions?

Once registered as a corporate Merchant with cashcloud, you will receive an e-wallet-ID and password with which you can access your account on the Web interface through your PC/Laptop or as an App on your Smartphone or tablet. Here, you will see the overview of each transaction with fees that have been deducted by cashcloud for a particular transaction. You can retrieve a filtered list of the transactions also by API.

What if the company is from a not supported country?

To register for a Corporate Account you have to provide information about your company's headquarters. In case the headquarters are based outside a SEPA country, select the country of a Dependent Permanent Establishment if available. Please continue the registration process and fill in the required information about the Dependent Permanent Establishment.

How do I change the information I entered?

You can directly edit the information you have entered in the app. Access your settings through the menu bar. Certain changes need to be approved by customer service and may also require additional documents. You can contact our customer service at service@cashcloud.com.

Which are the accepted currencies?

At the moment Cashcloud only accepts Euro (€) as a valid currency. If the currency used by the merchant differs, Cashcloud will automatically convert the foreign currency to €, which will automatically display the amount in € during the payment process.

What does the Verification code mean?

The Verification Code is used to check the bank account details, which you have provided during the registration process. When you request the verification code, Cashcloud will initiate a 2 euro cents transaction to your company's bank account including the Verification Code in the reference section. Please use the Verification code in menu Settings/Security/Verify bank account.

Why should I verify my bank account?

Bank account verification is necessary to ensure that the company's bank account details are correct and to allow Cashcloud to upgrade your account to a higher level.

In which countries are payments with Cashcloud accepted?

As a corporate client you can sign up from anywhere in the world with just a few exceptions. You have to register the Headquarter of the company, if it is based in a SEPA country, or a Dependent Permanent Establishment, which is based in a SEPA country and provide a SEPA based bank account.

How long does a cashcloud transaction take?

A Cashcloud transaction takes place in real time. You can withdraw e-money to your own bank account at any time.

How long do I need to wait till I get my money transferred from cashcloud?

This will depend on where your bank account is located. For transfers within the SEPA region, the relevant transfer times apply.

How do I get my API key?

We do not provide an API key. You have to request by API a salt from the cashcloud server and build an authorization token at your backend. The API Reference describes the steps and the Quick Start Guide provides a sample PHP code.

How can customers pay for their purchases using Cashcloud?

Customers who are registered with Cashcloud will be able to make payments, using their Cashcloud Wallet at online shops and also at retail outlets.

To pay online customers will select Cashcloud as a payment method and will be required to provide their username. A money request will be sent to the customer, who will be able to accept the transaction from his Cashcloud Wallet within a given time frame. When the transaction is accepted by the customer, a callback will be sent to the merchant's web site.

For payments in retail outlets, the merchant initiates a request money transaction for the username provided by the customer, who again will be able to accept the transaction from his Cashcloud Wallet.

How can I withdraw money to my bank account?

You can withdraw money from menu Settings/Withdraw money. If you are withdrawing money for the first time you will be asked to request the verification code. You will have to enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the transaction with your account PIN. Please check your withdrawal limitations and the fees involved in the Account Types and fees table.

How can I integrate Cashcloud payments in my online shop/mobile shop?

You have 3 options:

  • using our RESTful API
  • using our JavaScript iFrame
  • using one of our e-commerce plug-ins. We currently support Magento, OXID, Shopware, Prestashop and xt commerce. Other plug-ins will follow.

We are a PSP and would like to add Cashcloud to our payment services. What is the procedure for this?

We have a simple API which can simply be downloaded. Alternatively, you can send your request to info@cashcloud.com. We have attractive Fee Model and kick-back schemes for early integrators. The procedure is simple! In our Integration Center you will find exact information and steps necessary to test and integrate Cashcloud.

What is the optimal average shopping amount to use Cashcloud payment method?

Cashcloud is your optimal payment method for average shopping value of 25 cents to 50 €!

Does Cashcloud support subscriptions?

Not at this point, however it will be considered in the future.

Who takes care of the acquirement?

Cashcloud is responsible for all account movements.

What fees do merchants pay?

Please refer to our fee table here!

What type of goods can I sell using Cashcloud?

All kinds of products and services can be sold using Cashcloud. Since micropayments under 1€ are FREE, it is an ideal payment method for online digital goods purchases such as event tickets, file sharing, music and video streaming and for products in the offline business whether it is a daily newspaper or a coffee to go. To see the list of restricted /prohibited goods please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

What kind of transactions are available with Cashcloud?

- Request – initiates a „request money“ transaction. „Request money“ transactions are processed in the request method through the API.

- Refund - total or partial refunds for a defined transaction. Refunds are done in the refund method through API.

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