Shape the future of your payment processes –
easier, faster and in real time!

Start with your company in the new age of cash and card free payment with our all-in-one solution via mobile app or online API.

Ideal for small amounts (micro-payments) - No fees for transactions below 1€.

Secure and reliable real-time payments - no chargebacks!

Cashcloud offers various loyalty and advertising materials to help you to achieve the best customer loyalty!

Become a partner today and start your personal cashcloud experience by offering a “state of the art” mobile payment system that links your business with your customers like no other.

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For more information please read our merchant FAQ section.


Your customers have smartphones. Take your chance!

  • Get in touch with early adopters with the latest mobile technologies
  • Expand your young users customer base
  • Tread new paths, away from traditional payment systems with high fees

Instant, safe and reliable:
  • Payment process in real time
  • Full range transactional control
  • Cross-platform: Android, iOS and web browser

Professional tools for your business

API (application programming interface): Download and implement our API for simple and direct integration. Connect via your favourite payment service provider (PSP).

Mobile App: Just download from the App Store or Google Play Store and get started. The design as a prepaid-based Wallet ensures that your transactions are protected from chargebacks and fraud.

  • RESTful API based on http request / response, data communication in JSON format.
  • Platform independent, can be used with most modern programming languages.
  • Authorization is done in the cashcloud safe environment, completely separated from the merchant site.

Payment processes to fit your business
– No matter how big or small your business is –

For small companies cashcloud will offer a discount fee model and real-time transactions.

For medium-sized companies cashcloud will offer you in the future, a wide range of mobile wallet services, which allows you to offer your customers mobile payment options at the best rates in the market. In addition, you can also use our loyalty program (cashcredits) for your marketing activities.

For large corporations cashcloud will offer a complete, integrated mobile white label solution. This allows companies to increase the value of their sustained brands by being able to offer a quick and easy checkout process, in combination with intuitive management and attractive customer loyalty programs through a separate mobile Wallet solution.

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