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With cashcloud you get personalized coupons and deals directly to your smartphone

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NFC Sticker:

Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard® PayPass™ NFC sticker including virtual MasterCard®

With the cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard® PayPass™ NFC sticker you can enjoy quick, safe and contactless payments in shops with just one hand movement. You will get a virtual MasterCard® with your NFC sticker. With this you can pay online anywhere where MasterCard® is accepted as a payment method.

Deals and Offers:

Looking for a good deal, voucher or promotion? With cashcloud you get personalized coupons and deals directly to your smartphone.

Send money between friends:

Sending, receiving and requesting money has never been easier or faster. Select recipients from contact list, enter the amount, confirm and done. The money is sent and received in real time. And the best part is: this service is free between private users.

Pay online:

With the cashcloud eWallet you can easily and comfortably pay in all online stores where cashcloud is accepted as a payment method. For this you don’t need to list personal information.

Earn Money / Cashcredits :

With cashcloud you have the opportunity to earn cashcredits and therefor real money.

Invite friends to cashcloud or share your cashcloud transactions on your social networks and get cashcredits.

For every invited friend who registers for cashcloud you will receive 100 cashcredits (CCR) and for each shared transaction you get 1 CCR. You can either redeem them into real money for payments or, even more convenient, just use your CCR to make payments.

100 CCR = 1€

Permanent Account Control:

Naturally you can always control all of your account activity. This gives you the security to view with just one click at anytime and anywhere your total outgoings.

Security guarantees:

The security of its customers is a top priority for cashcloud. The cashcloud eWallet was developed under the premise of safety, as well as being easy to use and reliable. Thus we ensure the highest security standards for all transactions and customer data.


1. Download App:

Download your cashcloud eWallet app free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Support for other mobile operating systems will follow soon.

2. Register:

Register for free. For this you can use your Facebook account or your email address.

3. Top Up account:

Before paying with your eWallet or sending money to your friends you need to recharge your account. Top Up your eWallet account online or direct from your smartphone.

4. Using the eWallet:

With your eWallet you can now:

  • Send and Request Money
  • Earn Money
  • Save Money
  • Contactless Payment
  • Pay in online shops
  • And much more

Order Cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard® PayPass™

Cashcloud offers you the chance to order your Prepaid MasterCard® PayPass™ NFC sticker. With this you can pay contactless worldwide in all shops where PayPass™ is accepted. The MasterCard® PayPass™ network is continually being expanded, so more and more stores are offering contactless payments. Here you can see where contactless payments are available today.

Your NFC sticker will come together with all relevant MasterCard® data. So you can pay online, anywhere where MasterCard® is accepted as a payment method.

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